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Hi there! I’m Jiayi Li, a grade 11 student from WPGA. This year, I have been chosen as one of the 20 students in my school to go to the Dominican Republic to teach children who live in an impoverished community. The lack of educational opportunities leave the children unprepared for the challenges they will face in the future. A shocking statistic to me was the fact that many children are forced to leave school by 12 to help support their families- this just reminds me of how privileged I am to be in my position, and how we often take the small things for granted. My peers and I will be volunteering with an organization called Outreach360, and they’ve been working with the Dominican Republic since 1994. I am very grateful to be in the position to be able to help, and one of my goals and responsibilities is to raise $1000 USD to donate to the organization. Outreach360 is a grassroots organization that relies on people like me to keep on running, and is not funded by the government. I would greatly appreciate it if you are willing to make a donation to help educate some of the poorest youth in the world. The link to my donation page and Outreach 360’s website is down below. Thank you so much for helping me on this amazing journey!

大家好,我是佳逸,一位十一年纪的学生。今年,我很荣幸地成为20名支教团成员之一,将于明年的3月份赴多米尼加共和国, 为贫困地区的儿童提供教育帮助。这些地区的儿童因为家庭贫困的原因不得不很早离开学校,没有得到足够的教育使他们在未来无法面对社会的挑战。我和我的同学们将会加入名为·Outreach360的公益组织,这个组织从1994年开始就为多米尼加共和国提供教育帮助,它是一个非盈利的,全部由像我一样的志愿者运行管理的民间团体。我非常高兴也很荣幸能加入到这个团队尽我的微薄之力。目前,我的目标和任务之一是要筹集$1000美金,为这些贫困地区的儿童提供资助。非常感谢您的支持和爱心。

Link to personal donation page (捐款请点击这里)-

Link to Outreach360’s website(Outreach360网站)-

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